About us

About us

Australia without any iota of doubt is a preferred destination for a various reasons. Whether it is for tourism and sight-seeing, business or for education, Australia finds favor with many persons across the world including India.


We are Birdstone have understood the need to have a serious group of people who could get together and put in their best foot forward when it comes to sharing relevant information about the various facets related to Australia, particularly with regard to higher studies and career options. Those who have known Australia closely will certainly agree that this is a country that has some of the best universities, colleges and schools offering some of the best and contemporary courses covering various areas of academics.

Hence, there is a beeline for thousands of people from many countries including India for getting admission in a good university or college in this country. But what exactly is a good college or school? This again is a question that many aspiring students would not be aware. This is because of the information and knowledge that they are exposed to. It is for such students that we have a very important and relevant role to play.

We are a group of like-minded people who have gotten together not with the main intention of making money. Our main job is to increase awareness regarding the education system in Australia and what it takes to get admitted into a good college or school in this country. Since there are literally scores of such schools, colleges and universities, it is quite likely that as foreign Indians our knowledge about all such educational institutions would be quite low to say the least.

We try to reach out to these students and provide them with the right information regarding the colleges and schools. We also provide information regarding Visa and travel formalities and immigration rules that need to be followed. We also help such prospective students regarding the cost that is involved for going through such courses. We often try and help may of these students in their bid to get admission into the best courses and also in their efforts to get a spare time job to meet their regular expenses if they so desire.