Property valuations make it possible to claim the property losses

By | September 2, 2016

FEMA, Sandy represents one of the biggest tests since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 rendered 300,000 homes uninhabitable along the Gulf Coast, displaced more than 1 million people and spurred a national examination of disaster housing.

Citing the confusing and problem-plagued process of housing people after Katrina; FEMA’s 2009 National Disaster Housing Strategy calls for improvements’ from exploring new forms of temporary housing to providing more social services to the displaced. Yet city, state and federal officials didn’t have a ready answer when they realized that as many as 40,000 city residents might need temporary quarters after Sandy, an estimate that quickly shrank as many homes got heat and electricity back.

Byrne says he feels FEMA – which has OK’d more than $673 million in housing and home-repair aid so far in New York alone – has at least gotten a handle on the disaster. But “my job is to always feel like I’m missing something,” he said. More than a month after the Oct. 29 storm, the need for housing is a moving target that hangs on day-to-day developments for thousands of people. Roughly 6,700 buildings around the city require significant repairs to be habitable, and about 750 more are deemed structurally unsound, according to city Buildings Department statistics. And in one measure of the demand for help, about 2,100 households are in FEMA-paid hotel rooms. Some storm victims also have gotten money for apartment rentals; a number isn’t immediately available.

Byrne also opines that property valuations can make it easily possible to claim the reimbursement amount when a property is damaged in a hurricane by the way of insurance valuations. The homeless can rely on the property valuations report prepared by registered valuers to make sound assessments of the amount to be claimed as insurance. Since banks consider the property valuation sydney Suite 8, Level 12, 101 Bathurst Street, Sydney NSW 2000 reports as sufficient to release loans, such reports are also considered valid for the purpose of claiming insurance amount.

With her first child due on Christmas Eve, Corinna Sabatacos and fiance Steven Ferrara had to move out of their severely damaged Rockaway house. They say they ended up in a hotel that doesn’t take FEMA payments and have gotten conflicting answers on whether the more than $2,000 bill will be covered. “Things just change daily, and that’s what’s so frustrating,” Sabatacos said. The couple expects to move this week into an apartment, aided by a $1,200-a-month FEMA rent subsidy.

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